Hydrogen ICF Home


Cortijo Colorado, La Cala de Mijas
Plot area: 540 m2
Constructed area: 650 m2


Faced with decisive topographical conditions, the secular values present in the Mediterranean architecture form.

A contemporary habitat merging architecture and landscape.

Starting with a small terrain and a great unevenness with complicated access while compromising intimacy. In the face of the closeness of the neighbours, we rely on three pillars emanating from traditional Mediterranean architecture for the development of this project: the excavated architecture, the inner courtyard as the lung and the staircase as a sculptural connector element.

To facilitate access to the house and take advantage of the advantageous qualities.This is offered by the excavated architecture, the plateau is timed with access from the street level. A patio, configured as an oasis of privacy and a green lung in the house, welcomes to illuminate and ventilate all the rooms that do not face the main facades. The house emerges from the land on the back façade where the areas of stay and contemplation are located, in addition to the terrace and pool.




On the plateau, an almost sculptural piece, rests on the ground housing the bedrooms.

The house is part of the land, which is used to organize spatially and integrates visually. The border between interior and exterior fades, creating different gardens at different dimensions and with different functions, reducing the footprint of the building and optimizing the surface of the plot.


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