The idea of powering your home or business with hydrogen is a daunting and seemingly futuristic concept. However, Creo Hydrogen can make this less complicated than it may seem.

Creo Hydrogen heat and power systems can provide excellent financial and environmental benefits in comparison to natural gas. Producing and burning green hydrogen emits zero green house gasses and is therefore a clean energy source.

Moreover, hydrogen is inexpensive to produce and requires only a small amount of water and some Solar energy.

Hydrogen can be paired with existing energy saving equipment such as Tesla batteries and PV panels or used independently.

Creo are renewable energy experts and our highly trained hydrogen engineers provide a supply and install service giving you complete peace of mind from start to finish. 

Hydrogen Power and Heat Systems

  • Compact

  • Lowest cost

  • Energy efficient

  • Safe and reliable

  • On-site compressed hydrogen production

  • Powered from the grid or renewable energy

  • Can be rainwater or tap water fed

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