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Creo Group announces First hydrogen power and heat, “Passive +” residential projects.

The two homes are located in Chatham, Kent United Kingdom and Malaga Southern Spain.

Kent (October 20, 2020) – The turn-key residential hydrogen service providers, the Creo Group, is developing two new solar-hydrogen homes in the UK and Spain. The company constructs low carbon buildings that are easy to assemble. The Creo hydrogen system is modular and can be scaled to power many homes from a single installation.


The newly completed solar-hydrogen home in Kent, UK, is a four-bedroom, 180 sqm family semi-detached house. It is built using Creo’s Insulating Concrete Former, (ICF), fast build system. This allows homes to be constructed much quicker than conventional buildings whilst providing passive class thermal resistance affording very low heat losses.


Solar PV panels provide power to charge two 14 kwh batteries which in turn provide total power to the building and two Enapter AEM water electrolysers that generate hydrogen from excess solar capacity. A hydrogen fuel cell uses the stored hydrogen to produce electrical power to charge the batteries when there is insufficient solar energy. The home and its hydrogen systems are controlled using a smart phone application. Heat and hot water are provided by a small electrical 5 kWh heat pump which supplies underfloor water heating and 300 litres of hot water. As of today, the home remains 100 percent carbon neutral but is connected to the electrical grid so that excess solar power, mainly during summer months, which cannot be used to create hydrogen or charge batteries can still be exported to the National Grid.


In Malaga, the Creo hydrogen home is the first off-grid hydrogen powered home in Spain. The home has 600 Sq metre of built space providing generous facilities such as two heated pools and full air-conditioning. All amenities are powered by solar energy and Creo’s power and heat hydrogen systems. The home will showcase zero-carbon technologies to architects and constructors as well as provide a learning platform for universities and colleges helping future professionals develop zero-carbon built environments. The home is already under construction and is expected to be completed by summer 2021.


The Creo Groups hydrogen power and heat systems provide 100% zero carbon living at affordable cost. Homes without a carbon output will significantly contribute to the reduction of the UK’s domestic heat and power carbon footprint. Currently domestic housing is responsible for a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.


Passive+ is Creo groups new draft hydrogen powered home standard. The standard will evolve over the coming months as our Knowledge of hydrogen power systems and low carbon buildings develop. The Passive+ concept will help the UK and other Governments reach its committed zero carbon target.





The Creo Group is a system provider and installer for hydrogen powered buildings for domestic and commercial use. The company has expertise in passive buildings and renewable power systems with the accredited BBA Approved CREO ICF. The Creo Group provides turn-key services including renewables modelling and sizing. The company is located in Kent, UK working locally and Internationally.



Colin Wakefield

CEO Creo Group


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