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The new Creo Research Home

As Creo Groups activities have expanded across Europe so has it’s much in demand products reached new markets. This month our CEO visited Morocco to attend a solar equipment exhibition. Whilst there he was invited to meet the Moroccan energy minister for exploratory talks on the use of Creo building materials and hydrogen power systems for the Moroccan market.

Creo’s building block is ideal for the emerging African market together with our expertise in zero carbon building technology. The development of our domestic hydrogen power system for homes and business has also created much interest in Morocco.

SOLAIRE EXPO MAROC has become the leading exhibition in the field of solar energy and energy efficiency in Morocco, Africa and around the Mediterranean.

As a result of these meetings agreement has been reached to build an exemplar Creo home together with air source heat pumps, heat recover and Creo hydrogen power systems at the Moroccan Solar Green energy research Park just outside Marrakesh.

Built on an area of 8 hectares, the “Green Energy Park” has an internal research platform of more than 3,000 square meters, which includes several laboratories in the field of solar photovoltaic and thermal energies.

Topics such as the treatment and desalination of water by using solar energy, the development of desert modules, the design of innovative thermal and electrical storage solutions and the development of industrial applications of solar thermal energy constitute the major concerns of the “Green Energy Park”.

It also comprises a laboratory for the production of thin-film photovoltaic cells, a laboratory for the electrical and optical characterization of photovoltaic cells, an internal laboratory for the production and testing of solar components and a laboratory for the study of material deterioration,

The “Green Energy Park” has established several strategic partnerships with leading international research centres to develop technology transfer and scientific cooperation.

This will provide a world class research facility looking at renewable energy technologies being developed for the built environment of the future. The new Creo research home once completed this year will be open for visiting industry and professionals through an online booking system.

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